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Grid-Tie vs Off-Grid

Red Energy Advantages


Solar Panels from credible supplier - upholding the 10 Year Product Warranty and 25 Year Performance Guarantee


Grid-Tie Inverters have a 10 Year Warranty.  Backup Inverters have a 5 Year Warranty.  Off-Grid Inverters have a 2 Year Warranty.


We provide 3 Battery options - so you can choose which one fits your budget and system longevity.

Complete Kits:

Our Kits consists of all frames, cabling, pre-wired DB Board with Automatic Transfer Switch.  Do not compare the price to a system that is incomplete.


Installation complies to Health & Safety Regulations.  All work done according to SANS Standards.  All work supervised.

Fire up your own Power Station!


Use the power of RED to overcome constantly rising electricity costs

Are you ready to turn red?

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Red Energy is a team of full – time professionals who specialize in Complete System Design

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