Why Solar Geyser?

Savings at minimum capital layout.

Hot water when Eskom is not available

You want a Product which is South African Manufactured

Solar Water Heating - big savings when installed correctly.

After 8 Years of Full Time Experience with Solar Geysers we have now fixed more Solar Geysers than actually installed new ones!

Trust the guys who know enough to actually fix other companies' mistakes

Save up to 50% on your electricity bill with a Properly Installed Solar Geyser

Complete the form below if you think your Solar Geyser is not working:

If you don't have a Solar Geyser, let's talk about options

Solar Geyser Configurations

Pre-Feed: Solar Geyser feeds inlet of electrical Geyser                   50% Savings on Water Heating Bill (at 50% of cost)


Complete: Solar Geyser with electrical backup and controller                       90% Savings on Water Heating Bill 



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