Why Grid-Tie?

Grid-Tie gives the fastest Return on Investment.

With a 10 Year Product Guarantee on Solar Panels and Inverter the system pays for itself easily within Warranty Period.

Every roof receives a good dose of sunshine.  What is done with this energy?  It is wasted.

This source is of energy never stops - it doesn't run out.  It is renewable.

This energy must be put to good use - it can be used to help you save.

We've been looking for free energy but it's been around all this time.

Now with a 10 Year Warranty on Inverter and Solar Panels - Grid-Tie Solar Systems pay for themselves 3 to 4 times within Warranty Period!

This is free energy:


Grid-Tie Diagram

Grid-Tie Diagram

Power is generated by Solar Panels

The Grid-Tie Inverter converts DC Power into AC Power, and synchronises with your current electricity supply

Power is fed into your property’s electrical grid, resulting in lower usage from Eskom
Without an electrical grid no power is generated.
Grid can be created by:
1. Eskom
2. Backup Inverter
3. Generator

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