Why Grid-Tie for your business?

Grid-Tie gives the fastest Return on Investment - this is purely a financial feasibility question.

Saving Money = Making Money.

How about a guaranteed monthly savings for your business?

Lots of Roof Space?  Generating heat resulting in more Air Conditioning use?

Is Rising Overheads a problem?

Is most Electricity used during the day?  Then Grid-Tie is the perfect solution.

Saving Money is just as good as Making Money.

VAT can be claimed as Capital Goods.

All Solar Products are subject to the Accelerated Depreciation provided for under Section 12B of the Income Tax Act.

This means that 100% of the system cost can be written off under Depreciation in the first year.

Income Tax = 28%, VAT = 15% = 43% of the System Cost you will be paid back by SARS!

This makes the Return on Investment ridiculous!  4 Time Payback within Warranty Period - what's the risk?

Risk #1: The Sun will stop shining.

Risk #2: Eskom's tariffs will decrease.

Which is most likely?

This is free energy

Grid-Tie Diagram

Grid-Tie Diagram

Power is generated by Solar Panels

The Grid-Tie Inverter converts DC Power into AC Power, and synchronises with your current electricity supply

Power is fed into your property’s electrical grid, resulting in lower usage from Eskom
Without an electrical grid no power is generated.
Grid can be created by:
1. Eskom
2. Backup Inverter
3. Generator


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